In the process of this project I generated spatial systems that are located between high complexity and simultaneously absolute simplicity. The balance of natural processes. My focus is elastic (therefor finely knitted) textiles as model for a new material practice. As made for moving, textile becomes an ideal material for designing for state change and actuation.
This is a collection of several principles to generate collapsable, big scale lightweight spaces. It is seen as a catalogue, open for the recipient to use and develope own continuation with help of explaination.

In nature, both in botany and in the invertebrate animals, there are a variety of movement mechanisms based on the compliance of their components. In fact, the understanding of „stability“ in so called „natural processes“ has barely anything to do with the idea of stability in technical evolution. In the process I developed versatile structures which are based on the reversibility of their elements.
A major advantage of this approach over conventional systems is the diversity of statically stable deformation states. Such structures can therefore be flexible to adapt to different terms of use.

Compressible translucent space. These structures are not only super lightweight and collapsible, they carry a special phenomena with their geometry of elements. They literally pull themselves upwards.