set design and realization during a 4 months assistance at CG's creative studio

In collaboration with Ontwerpplek Architecture Studio and set styling for Conny Groenewegen’s Catwalk show, presented during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week in July 2010.

Conny‘s Spring/Summer collection 2011 is mostly inspired by butterfly alike insects, with very light fabrics and soft lines. It was meant to offer a structure to this collection that seems to blow around the bodies. With this show Conny asked the permission from the audience to land and deliver her collection.

Low rectangular platforms were organised in order to draw a grid, the blank space in between formed the catwalk that we compared with an airstrip. Big lightbulbs hanging on a stick lighted up the models. The public was invited to sit on the platforms, wooden pallets wrapped in transparent plastic, and could see the models walking near them in any direction so there was no front row. To make the experience more intimate we offered earphones to the public, they could isolate themselves and enjoy the music of the show. The models also wore headphones and from outside everything was in silence.