Paper Presentation and Discussion at the Panel ︎︎︎Other Ways of Worlding: Interrogations of Design Education, Theory, and Practice


Drawing on the transnational discourses that situate design in relation to different forms of systemic inequalities – such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism and others – this panel proposes to discuss "the other ways of worlding" within design education, theory and practice. We will discuss feminist design pedagogies, futures and modes of hacking and fluid worldview, and explore how they can contribute toward socially transformative practices. Fostering a horizontal exchange, we will open up the panel for a discussion with everyone participating in the session.

Sharing this Panel and to present side by side with ︎︎︎Maya Ober, ︎︎︎Alison Place and ︎︎︎G. Mauricio Mejía has been a great honor for me. ︎︎︎Here you can download a copy of my Paper “Exploring Feminist Modes of Hacking as a Commoning Design Practice” with the full published collection of technical papers accepted for presentation at the ︎︎︎Design as Common Good symposium. © 2021.

This work is licensed CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 ISBN 978-88-7595-108-5.