Popticum: Handle with Air

While humans ship an increasing amount of goods around the planet, the most transported good in terms of volume isn’t coal or car parts or even bananas, but air. Air is transported in our goods, everpresent in the voids and in-betweens and increasingly used for wrapping products and protective packaging.

For our contribution to the ︎︎︎Maia Biennal of Contemporary Art ‘19we wished to explore the world of transported air. The territory of inflatable packaging, of bubble wrap, air bags, tubes and dunnage bags. Speculating the consequences of modern consumerism, where every imaginable commodity is shipped and delivered straight to your doorstep, often in half empty boxes, where Amazon delivers a product the size of a matchbox in a carton the size of a moving box, we wish to comment on these commonplace practices of excessive airy packaging.


Dimension: 6m/3m/3m
Media: Foil, Dunnagebags, Ropes, Air


Andreia Garcia


Diogo Aguiar
Javier Peña Ibáñez