Participation? Logics of Domination in Research

Proposal for a discussion session at Weizenbaum Institute Research Days 2019 by Marie Dietze1, Marie Kochsiek1 and Hannes Wünsche2
1Critical Maker Culture and 2Digitalisation and Scientific Value Creation

In the design of technology and research we face a dilemma: how serve real-world needs and avoid perpetuating status quo e.g. dominance, subject-object hierarchies, performativity or marginalization. Conversely, an elitist stance is problematic because it might privilege the social values of the designer (or researcher). In this session, we therefor aim to stimulate a discussion on how to enable participation in our research and how it can help us to reflect our work critically.
We want to share our perspectives from Research Group ‘Digitalisation and Scientific Value Creation’ and Research Group ‘Critical Maker Culture’ and explore joint strategies to open up research processes to people directly and indirectly affected [feminist epistemologies, codes of conduct, advocacy, pluralism].

How to rethink the role of researchers and non-researchers?
What are dominant logics influencing your research and technology design?
How to create an environment which sets a different framework for research?