Assembling Fragments. Exploring Feminist Modes of Hacking through Design.

MARCH 2020 


My MA‘s project explored how feminist design approaches and open source technologies can contribute to overcoming taboos and helping to achieve self-sovereign bodies in the context of sexual health.

Based on an analysis of (cyber- and techno-) feminist activist endeavors, I explored emancipatory aspects of self-learning, self-empowerment, and hacking in the context of the Free open source technology movement. The observations formed a base to a practice-based design exploration in three experimental and participatory workshops titled MiniHack, Let‘s Spit Hormones, and Make Your own Menstrual Cup. 

Collaborative designing is used as an instrument of dialogue to open up discourses with participants about the body, identity, sexuality, and health, and to critically challenge patriarchal dynamics in both technology development and design processes.